Summer Update – China

Megan and I are lovin’ our new home.  There are a few items still boxed up, but it is pretty amazing how much is in order.  We were highly motivated to get everything in place due to the home study.  We still live in a two bedroom apartment, but our daughter has lots more room to play.

Yesterday we finished our home study.  It went extremely well, and it appears that we may have a new addition to our family sooner than what was originally thought.  We are very excited about that and have been thinking of what purchases need to be made for our baby girl.

My first two grad classes are over, and I have five more days of an Educational Philosophy course.  I have been learning a great deal and enjoying it a lot.

We will be leaving for Indiana in eight days.  Baby, baby.

home study


Movin’ to the New Apartment

Today Megan and I started packin’ our belongings to prepare for the big move later this week.  We have lots to do, but we have hired help to clean our new place Thursday and move our possessions Friday.  Our new apartment address is 8-2-402.  This will be my third apartment in this complex and my fifth home since 2002.  Our organization is giving us a larger apartment due to the future addition to the Wickersham clan.  Baby, baby.

Another shot from the balcony that connects to Grace's room.

A Summer Saturday

Today I don’t have any commitments.  How will I spend my day?  I will read from a few books on my reading list, finish watching a quirky DVD called Waiting for Guffman, take a nap, pump some iron at a nearby gym, prepare for a study I lead next week, and work on adoption forms as well as a lesson that I teach Monday.  Earlier this morning I patched up a hole on one of my polo shirts.  I’ve actually done some repair work on a few items of clothes this past week.  Megan is at work to give her students some extra help on some upcoming debates.

Takin’ Grad Classes

I am currently taking a combined class called Models of Teaching/Applied Learning Theory through Cedarville University (Ohio) at TIS.  The class meets 8:30 – 2:30/3:30 Monday through Friday.  Tomorrow is my first quiz and small group presentation.  After this class is over in six school days, I’ll take another class called Philosophies of Education.  That class will meet only half the day and will be over on June 29th.  Megan and I leave the next day.


Technology is Amazing

Megan and I recently busted out our Logitech ClickSmart 510 webcam and had lots of fun using it with the Pollocks.  We have not used it for over a year.  I purchased it a few years ago when Megan and I were first dating.  She was living in Changchun, China, and I was in Frankfort, Indiana.


Getting a Check-up

Tomorrow Megan and I have to get physicals for the adoption process.  Let’s hope I don’t have to get a shot in my butt like I did in Korea.  The lady told me to drop my pants and smacked my bootie a couple times before she pricked me.  I thought I was going to start giggling like a little boy.  Oh yeah – It’s true!  It’s true!