Our Vacation in Indiana

It’s good to be home.  Megan and I have hunkered down at several restaurants – Bob Evans, Olive Garden, and Macaroni Grill to name a few, and I’m lovin’ it.  I still haven’t seen my father, but he arrives today from Albania.  He was workin’ the elections there.  Today my mother returned to work, but we got a good deal of time in together.  We went shoppin’, saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and rented the Final Cut.  I enjoyed both movies, but I think Mr. & Mrs. Smith was a little better.  I enjoyed the comedic relief.  Megan and I visited my grandmother, and she has made some new friends at her retirement home.  She doesn’t see and hear like she used to, but she still can’t bust a move on the dance floor.

bob evans


One thought on “Our Vacation in Indiana

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