Our 1st Month Back in China

Megan and I have been back in Tianjin for almost four weeks now.  We continue to fix up our apartment.  A couple days ago our dining room table was delivered.  Yesterday we had ADSL and cable tv installed.  Today a wardrobe and dresser were brought in.  No more suitcases on the floor.  We have a very nice home, and we are so happy to be living here.

I’ve done a lot of bikin’, liftin’, and soccer playin’ in the last month.  Unfortunately, I hurt my knee Sunday in a soccer game, but I’m healin’ fast.  Megan has been doin’ the Tae-bo thing from time to time and will be doin’ it every Sunday with a bunch of ladies while I’m kickin’ a ball.

Work has been going awesome.  My students are extremely well behaved and working hard.  I really enjoy teaching just sixth graders.  Megan begins Chinese classes at a local university starting this Monday.  This will be a Monday – Friday thing for 3 1/2 hours each day.  We both are taking language classes for about two hours through my school and that has been good.  Although my language skills are not strong, I continue to improve and feel very encouraged.

tae bo

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