TIS 2005 Fall Camp

I got back from the 2005 TIS Middle School Fall Camp a couple days ago, and it was a good time.  I’m glad to report that the students are more excited about house activities this year.  We were able to defend our paddle boat championship and finish in first (along with Whatever) for our flag again.  Our cheer finished at the bottom, but we can work on our delivery.  It has been catching on with some of the members of other houses.

Feel the heat, feel the heat.  We’re the Flaming Eagles, and we can’t be beat.  Feel the heat, feel the heat…
Are you ready?
Ready for the best.
We’re the Flaming Eagles.
And we’ll beat the rest.
Can you feel it?
Feel the heat.
We’re the Flaming Eagles.
And we can’t be beat.
Getting burnt?
That’s our fire.
We’re the Flaming Eagles.
The ones you admire.
Rabid Dawgs, Whatever, Who Cares?
We’re the Flaming Eagles.
Fried Chicken with Flair.

The Flaming Eagles

One thought on “TIS 2005 Fall Camp

  1. Man, Mr. Wick…..this is Abigail Pollock, and i’d just like to be put on the record as saying that i DEFINATLY do not think that you’re cheer is at all motivating or catching….heh! just joking…i actually think that your cheer is pretty cool….but don’t tell Heidi i said that. (it’s okay though, i think, becuase you guys are now in last place…and we’re in FIRST! whoop whoop! i don’t know if that’s how you spell that, but oh well. lol) Well, i have to go do History homework now (ahem ahem) so see you later dawg!


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