Our 1st Official Fall Weekend

After school today I played with a few teachers and students while Megan coached volleyball.  I have a couple nice bruises on my legs that make me say ouch when I press really hard on them.  Maybe I shouldn’t press really hard on them.  We hunkered down at TGI Friday’s for dinner with some friends and purchased a few DVDs afterward.  I didn’t watch any of our movie selections when we got home though because I crashed.  I was a rebel and failed to even take my contacts out.  The previous day we didn’t get home from Beijing until way past my bedtime.  Tomorrow I plan on doing much of the same things I did last weekend – pump some iron, work around our home, watch a DVD, and read.  I’ll also work on my lesson plans, grade a few papers, bike to the post office to mail some postcards and pay our phone bill, and take Megan’s bike to a repairman.


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