26 Letters is Better Than 50,000+ Characters

Learning Chinese has been very difficult for me, but a # of people have been very supportive of my pathetic efforts.  A couple Chinese ladies at TIS who have limited English skills will strike up conversations with me, and this forces me to use my Hoosier toned Chinese.  Megan has of course been my biggest encourager.  It’s amazing to see her read Chinese.  Some people say Megan is the brains behind Team Wick.  What is Mark?  I am the Wick. I’ve put in a little more effort lately in reading characters due to the fact that my lessons contain a significant amount of characters now.  I have a really fun teacher that I enjoy a great deal.  That helps so much ’cause the passion of my black heart causes me to not want to study.  I take language classes twice a week for just under an hour each time, and it has been so humbling.  I used to think I was smart.  Now I realize I’m only kind of smart.


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