Add Volleyball to my Coaching Resume

Thursday evening Megan and I traveled north to Shenyang (kind of big with 7 million+ people) to coach in a volleyball tournament.  I thought I was simply going to serve as a chaperone, but when we arrived in Shenyang another teacher surprised me by asking me to coach either the high school or the 7th-8th-grade boys squad.  I’ve coached soccer, track and field, and wrestling for many years, but never volleyball.  I agreed to coach the middle school squad since they are younger and most were former students of mine.  The tournament was a combined middle school and high school tournament, and we had seven games on day one.  After five matches we had two victories and three losses.  Our two victories were against the middle school teams, and our three losses were against the high schoolers.  Our last game of the day was against our TIS JV squad, and we actually beat them.  As a result of that win, we made it to the semi-finals of the tourney.  We faced the Shenyang Tigers varsity team who had beaten us by only two points the previous day.  This time though they brought there “A” game out and whipped up on us pretty good.  Despite that, my boys played well.  It was an enjoyable experience and something I would enjoy doing again.  Check out more pictures on Megan’s website.

The TIS Lady Eagles JV Squad

New Menus at KFC (in China)

Yesterday Megan and I went to KFC and discovered that they no longer advertising french fries and coke in their set meals.  What up wit dat?  Now they have corn and fruit juice.  I’m thinkin’ they’re going to lose some business tryin’ for this healthier approach.  Very interesting.  Let’s hope McDs doesn’t follow their lead.  That would be uncool.


Watch out Lance. I am the Wick.

Today Megan and I as well as a couple other people from our organization biked 40K in a charity bike event.  Our friends Eric & Raelene and Bob & Rachel brought their kids, and the media couldn’t stop snapping shots of them.  After the race, I pigged out on two sandwiches, a banana, a can of Red Bull, some water, half of a mini York peppermint pattie, and three candy bars.  I know three candy bars is a little much, but I like being a bad boy sometimes.  Megan has posted some pictures of the race on her website.


Sports Nut

Monday I played basketball with some co-workers and a few high school and college students.  Now my big toenail is partially black due to the blood that filled up underneath it.  It hurts when I touch it, and I can’t stop touching it.  Ouch.  Ouch.  Ouch.  Wednesday I did the soccer thing with another teacher and some high school students.  That felt good, but my ankle is still sensitive to the touch.  Stinkachu.  Fortunately, I don’t have the urge to touch it like my big toe.  Ouch.  Ouch.  Ouch.  On Thursday night I went bowling with some friends (I bowled a 120+ in my second game), and tomorrow Megan and I are going to ride 40 kilometers in a charity bike event.  I’m sure my bootie will be feeling it.  Later in the day or on Sunday I’ll get big at the gym.  I’m very thankful for my health.

black toenail

The Adventures When Riding Your Bike

Just about every day, I ride my mountain bike to work.  It’s about a ten-minute ride, and there are hundreds of other bikers taking their positions on the road.  My bike rides can be very interesting at times.  I accidentally knocked a lady off her electric bike last year when she decided to go up the hill in the wrong direction.  Fortunately, she wasn’t hurt.  One time I saw a guy by the railroad tracks taking a #2.  That was certainly interesting.  Speaking of poop, earlier in the year a bird took a dump on my sleeve.  That was lots of fun.  Scared me at first.  I thought a huge bug had just splattered on my arm.  Today I saw four dirty and nasty pigs consuming trash next to the canal.  Pretty cool.  Riding your bike in Tianjin can be full of adventure.

Going back home the stinky way.

Back to Work

Today after work I played soccer with a co-worker and some high school students.  Unfortunately, I injured my ankle.  Stinkachu.  Hopefully, it will heal quickly.  In the past couple years it has been much more common to get these minor irritating injuries like this.  I don’t know how professional athletes in their 30s and 40s do it.  They’re machines.  Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto.  If you want to check out some wicked cool soccer footage that will get the juices flowing, explore the Nike website.  I haven’t looked at the clips from the other sports, but if they’re anything like the soccer clips, they b tight.

Mrs. Wick gave me a sweet haircut tonight.  I be looking sharp on the serious tip in full effect g.  Why pay a quarter on the street when my wife can give me a tight fade.  She has got mad skillz that b deliverin’ serious flava’.

I need to do some studying now.  Peace out dawg.


This is a hair salon I’ve gone to when I haven’t been able to find a barber on the street.

What I Haven’t Been Doing

Today I left my apartment for the first time in two days.  I decided to ride my bike which I had not done in one week.  I went to the gym and pumped some iron which I had not been done since late September.  Now I will shower and change my clothes which I haven’t done in two days.  Tonight Megan and I will eat dinner at the home of a friend.  I haven’t seen my buddy in a few weeks.  It’s good to get out.

Wang Qian's Family, The Kidds, & the Wickershams