The Adventures When Riding Your Bike

Just about everyday I ride my mountain bike to work.  It’s about a ten minute ride, and there are hundreds of other bikers taking their positions on the road.  My bike rides can be very interesting at times.  I accidently knocked a lady off her electric bike last year when she decided to go up the hill in the wrong direction.  Fortunately she wasn’t hurt.  One time I saw a guy by the railroad tracks taking a #2.  That was certainly interesting.  Speaking of poop, earlier in the year a bird took a dump on my sleeve.  That was lots of fun.  Scared me at first.  I thought a huge bug had just splattered on my arm.  Today I saw four dirty and nasty pigs consuming trash next to the canal.  Pretty cool.  Riding your bike in Tianjin can be full of adventure. 

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