Add Volleyball to my Coaching Resume

Thursday evening Megan and I traveled north to Shenyang (kind of big with 7 million+ people) to coach in a volleyball tournament.  I thought I was simply going to serve as a chaperone, but when we arrived in Shenyang another teacher surprised me by asking me to coach either the high school or the 7th-8th-grade boys squad.  I’ve coached soccer, track and field, and wrestling for many years, but never volleyball.  I agreed to coach the middle school squad since they are younger and most were former students of mine.  The tournament was a combined middle school and high school tournament, and we had seven games on day one.  After five matches we had two victories and three losses.  Our two victories were against the middle school teams, and our three losses were against the high schoolers.  Our last game of the day was against our TIS JV squad, and we actually beat them.  As a result of that win, we made it to the semi-finals of the tourney.  We faced the Shenyang Tigers varsity team who had beaten us by only two points the previous day.  This time though they brought there “A” game out and whipped up on us pretty good.  Despite that, my boys played well.  It was an enjoyable experience and something I would enjoy doing again.  Check out more pictures on Megan’s website.

The TIS Lady Eagles JV Squad

2 thoughts on “Add Volleyball to my Coaching Resume

  1. heya ..u`ve got a cool space …its really nice to read ..abt sumone elsez ..everyday happenins…especially when they r not written in a borin sorta way ….i`d definatley have published sum more ..comments out here if i`d come across ur space earlier …gtg fer now …will drop in sumtime soon …c ya around …rahul

  2. Love your site, hey, tell me. Hey, I was a hoosier myself at one time. Have been a Texan for five years now, but go down to Indy every year to see my parents. Congrats on the new adoption. Good luck on raising a wounderful child. It is hard, I know, I have two boys. Good job on your first coaching experance in volley ball. I think it is wounderful that they say enouch experance in you to ask for your help. Carrie.

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