The Wickershams on TV

Today I played in a soccer tournament with 11 TIS students.  The high school tournament allowed one adult player per team although it was evident that some of the teams were using more.  You knew which players were adults because they usually played in the back due to their lack of stamina and weaker touch.  They were usually shaped a little different as well. The tournament consisted of nine teams, six Korean, two Chinese, and us, the international school.  Most of our players are Asian, but Europe and North America were also represented on our team.  Before the game, a tv crew interviewed a couple of my players.  One of my players, a freshman, made the bold statement on camera that we would win our first game.  We lost 1-0, and the tourney is single elimination.  Oops.  We played well though.  I could tell my squad was nervous before the game.  The other team consisted of entirely seniors and maybe three adults while all but one of our student players were an underclassman.  In addition to that, our goalie was an eighth grader.  I think the other team came out a little cocky, but they weren’t able to get the game-winning goal until there were ten minutes left in the game.  After the other team hit the back of the net I left my sweeper duties and played center forward in hopes of scoring a goal for us.  Obviously, I wasn’t able to produce.  We had our opportunities, but at least the other team won’t be calling us little middle schoolers anymore.  The tournament has a fair play award, but I think I took our team out of contention for that.  I got the first yellow card of the tourney, and another player of mine got the second.  A long ball was sent to the guy I was marking, and he pushed me off the ball which forced me to execute a slide tackle.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the ball, and the attacker didn’t get up right away.  Oops.  Some skin got ripped off from my thigh and forearm during the play by the astroturf.  Can we say “sting in the shower”?  My players were saying the other team was calling me scary.  I’m an animal.  Gggrrr…

Megan couldn’t watch me play ’cause she’s going to be speaking Chinese on Tianjin TV.  See the picture on Megan’s website – fun in the fall folder.  I’m married to a superstar!

HS Soccer

This picture was taken when I was 16 and living in Puerto Rico.


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