Today is My Birthday

Today Billy Graham and yours truly celebrate another year of life.  I’m the big 32 today, and that is pretty cool.  Where does the time go though?  We celebrated my birthday at a Chinese restaurant where we ordered this spicy shrimp dish that I absolutely love.  This may sound gross, but you eat the entire shrimp.  It’s da’ diggity bomb.  Megan passes on the head and tail focusing on the meat instead.  Later Megan and I got some coffee at a local joint.  Mine was free since it was my special day and all.  How nice.  Free makes the coffee taste even more delicious.  Megan got me lots of exciting gifts – country CDs, American junk food, and new reading material.  She couldn’t have done better.

Another great thing about today is how Megan and I received a form we had been waiting on for the adoption of our daughter.  Next Tuesday we’ll head to Beijing to complete some paperwork which means that we’ll be able to send in our final documents.  Now, all we have to do is wait maybe 2-6 months before we become a family of three.  I’m going to be a daddy.  Is that cool or what?



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