ICEC in Thailand

Yesterday I got back from the International Children’s Educator Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Here are the top ten reasons why my time away was good…

10. I got to try Pepsi Latte for the first and probably last time.
9.  I saw a lot of old friends from other schools and organizations.
8.  I went from a thick jacket to no jacket and shorts.  I did wear a shirt though.
7.  I found a country cd for a couple of bucks.
6.  I saw tons of pick up trucks and even rode in a couple.
5.  I watched a minute of the Colts vs. Bengals game.  Go Blue!
4.  I had lots of time to read.
3.  I gots to listen to real good educotors who help I too teach better.
2.  I was able to do some Christmas shopping for Megan.

1.  I ate several dishes with chicken, but I didn’t get bird flu.

Enjoying a tradional Thai dinner with friends.

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