Christmas 2005

After attending service and getting our praise on at the International Fellowship, Megan took pictures of me in various locations throughout Tianjin while I had my Billy Bob teeth in.  The teeth were a gift from our good friend Paula back in Cali, and I’m sure my students will enjoy my instruction more now that I have this most excellent teaching tool.  I b lookin’ real ugly.  I’ll post pictures up next month.  For lunch, we ate ostrich pizza with some colleagues at Pizza Hut.  That makes for a memorable Christmas meal.  I highly recommend the stuff.  Speakin’ of food, one of the presents Megan gifted me with was corn flavored beef jerky.  That stuff is da’ bomb.  Although I’m known to savor my jerky, maybe likin’ corn flavored jerky is a Hoosier thing.  Megan thought it was so-so.  Today Megan and I head south to Nanjing/Shanghai to visit some friends so I won’t be putting up any posts for a little over a week.  Sorry, amigos.



Gettin’ Our Grub On

Yesterday Megan made some hot wings with Franks RedHot Cayenne Pepper Sauce. Those things were da’ bomb! We hosted a Christmas party last night, and everyone gobbled up the chicken wings. Ah, snap. I was hopin’ to have wings for breakfast. I miss American food, but I’m thankful that my wife has mad kitchen flava’. I definitely b gettin’ fed.


Grocery Shoppin’

Today I went grocery shopping in preparation for a Christmas party Megan and I are hosting. An interesting find I discovered was Lay’s kimchi flavored chips. I thought our Korean guests would appreciate that purchase. Something else that brought a smile to my face was a fish in the grocery cart of another customer. The sucker was flappin’ around in his bag gaspin’ for air. Now that is what I call fresh. Tianjin is cool.


My Taste Buds Have Changed

Today Megan made one of those cheap pasta mixes that you can buy at Wally World for about a buck.  We brought tons of those foil packages to China since they are hard to locate here and a little expensive.  She added some broccoli to the meal which is something I would have denied a few years ago.  Since moving to China 2 1/2 years ago, I now enjoy eating broccoli, cauliflower, and tomatoes.  That’s kind of weird how my taste buds changed like that.  Pretty cool though.  Maybe one day I will develop taste buds on my feet like insects.  That would be super cool.


Why I Prefer Tianjin Winters Over Indiana Winters

Winter is my least favorite season.  I’m a summer guy.  I like it hot like the planet Mercury.  I’m a big weenie when it comes to cold.  Today we had a high of 34 F and a low of 19 F.  The low tomorrow is 17 F.  Tianjin winters aren’t pretty with white snow dotting the landscape like in Indiana.  When it snows here it doesn’t stay around for long and often turns gray due to all the pollution.  That’s ok with me though because at least I can still kick a ball around with my students.  My bike rides to work are also safer due to the lack of snow.  I can definitely be thankful for those things.


More Comments About My Appearance

Yesterday Megan and I went to Beijing again to do a little Christmas shopping.  A salesperson at Silk Alley was able to figure out that I’m Amerasian.  That is only the second time a Chinese person has been able to identify me as Amerasian, and both times have been at Silk Alley.  Since they see so many foreigners there they must have an eye for it.  The lady said I have Chinese eyes and an American nose.  That kind of makes me smile. I’ve been mistaken for lots of ethnicities around the world.  I’ve had Mexicans speak Spanish to me, British surprised to hear my American accent, and Koreans greet me with ahnnyonghaysayo.  About the only part of the world where people don’t think I’m from is Africa.  I guess I am kind of an international man of mystery.

Uh, this is me.

I Look Like Who?!?

On Friday nights Megan and I usually attend an English corner.  An English corner is a place where non-native speakers of English practice their English with foreigners.  Last night a guy started a conversation with me by telling me that I look like Robert Patrick.  You might remember Mr. Patrick from his role as the T-1000/police officer in Terminator 2.  Interesting.  I’ve also been told that I look like Gary Sinise (Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump) and Brad Pitt.  Yes, blond hair and blue eyed Brad Pitt.  Uh, no!  Sometimes I get told I look like Andy Lau – a popular Chinese actor and musician.  What is hilarious is that none of these people look like each other, and what is up with always being compared to someone famous.  The actor that I’ve most be identified with is Keanu Reeves.  This was a very popular comment when the Matrix movies were released.  At least he has some mixed blood.  The blog is over.  Retreat to your exits.  Agents are coming.