My Apologies to KFC

I owe the KFC franchise a big apology.  I’ve made a mistake.  I was wrong.  This past weekend Megan and I ate at KFC, and I ordered a set meal that included their advertised corn side dish and fruit drink.  I was opposed to the absence of Coke and fries in their value meals, but I’ve been sold on the healthier substitutes.  I thought KFC was making a mistake, but the corn side dish and drink are rather tasty.  In fact, I think I like them more than the Coke and fries options.  Who would have thunk that?  I’ve also learned that Coke and fries are still available, they just cost a little more.  I won’t be makin’ those requests, and my sincerest apology goes to the entire state of Kentucky.  You do chicken right.



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