I Look Like Who?!?

On Friday nights Megan and I usually attend an English corner.  An English corner is a place where non-native speakers of English practice their English with foreigners.  Last night a guy started a conversation with me by telling me that I look like Robert Patrick.  You might remember Mr. Patrick from his role as the T-1000/police officer in Terminator 2.  Interesting.  I’ve also been told that I look like Gary Sinise (Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump) and Brad Pitt.  Yes, blond hair and blue eyed Brad Pitt.  Uh, no!  Sometimes I get told I look like Andy Lau – a popular Chinese actor and musician.  What is hilarious is that none of these people look like each other, and what is up with always being compared to someone famous.  The actor that I’ve most be identified with is Keanu Reeves.  This was a very popular comment when the Matrix movies were released.  At least he has some mixed blood.  The blog is over.  Retreat to your exits.  Agents are coming.


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