More Comments About My Appearance

Yesterday Megan and I went to Beijing again to do a little Christmas shopping.  A salesperson at Silk Alley was able to figure out that I’m Amerasian.  That is only the second time a Chinese person has been able to identify me as Amerasian, and both times have been at Silk Alley.  Since they see so many foreigners there they must have an eye for it.  The lady said I have Chinese eyes and an American nose.  That kind of makes me smile. I’ve been mistaken for lots of ethnicities around the world.  I’ve had Mexicans speak Spanish to me, British surprised to hear my American accent, and Koreans greet me with ahnnyonghaysayo.  About the only part of the world where people don’t think I’m from is Africa.  I guess I am kind of an international man of mystery.

Uh, this is me.

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