Christmas 2005

After attending service and getting our praise on at the International Fellowship, Megan took pictures of me in various locations throughout Tianjin while I had my Billy Bob teeth in.  The teeth were a gift from our good friend Paula back in Cali, and I’m sure my students will enjoy my instruction more now that I have this most excellent teaching tool.  I b lookin’ real ugly.  I’ll post pictures up next month.  For lunch, we ate ostrich pizza with some colleagues at Pizza Hut.  That makes for a memorable Christmas meal.  I highly recommend the stuff.  Speakin’ of food, one of the presents Megan gifted me with was corn flavored beef jerky.  That stuff is da’ bomb.  Although I’m known to savor my jerky, maybe likin’ corn flavored jerky is a Hoosier thing.  Megan thought it was so-so.  Today Megan and I head south to Nanjing/Shanghai to visit some friends so I won’t be putting up any posts for a little over a week.  Sorry, amigos.



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