Does Anyone Want the Head?

Tonight Megan, yours truly, and a couple of her former students ate at a local hole in the wall called 1,2, 3.  We really like this Sichuan restaurant ’cause the place is close, the people are friendly, and of course, the food is cheap and good.  A dish that often comes to our table that we decided to order tonight was suan cai yu (sour vegetable fish).  Sarah got some of the bone stuck in her throat which made for an interesting event.  The winner has to go to Helen though.  Near the end of our meal, she asked us if we wanted to eat the fish head.  We all decided to pass on this honor which apparently can help one become more clever.  I think Helen is going to be lots smarter ’cause with the exception of the bones, that fist-sized head was all gobbled up.  Yum, yum to the tum, tum.


Rabbits and Bird’s Spit

On our recent outing to Vietnam, I decided to try some new dishes I’ve never consumed before.  One item that I can add to my bizarre food list is bunny.  Maybe that isn’t very odd to many, but I did drink something called Bird’s Nest.  The ingredients include fungus and bird’s nest.  What that meant I didn’t exactly know so I decided to some research today.  I came to find out that this drink’s main ingredient is actually the nest of a swallow bird or swift.  These birds regurgitate long, thin gelatinous strands from their salivary glands under their tongues.  These strands play an important role in making their special nests.  Oh yeah – it’s true, it’s true!


Weasel Poo and Coffee

Last night Megan and I got back from Vietnam.  We had a most excellent time, and we highly recommend visiting this beautiful nation.  My view of the country was rather off before the trip so I am glad I have a better understanding of this nation.  Of course one can only learn so much in less than two weeks time, but it was a very educational trip nevertheless.  One of my many highlights was the purchase of an extremely high grade of Vietnamese coffee called chon.  It is made of the beans that are fed to a certain species of weasel and later collected from the weasel’s excrement (also known as a turd).  I had some this morning and know the caffeine will give me the energy I need so I won’t be pooped out.  Oh yeah- it’s true, it’s true!