Problems With My Teeth

Today I went to see a dentist ’cause I suffer from sleep bruxism.  What is that?  I grind and clench my teeth when I am not awake.  It’s also known as nocturnal tooth-grinding.  That sounds cool.  Hi, I’m Wick, and I’m a nocturnal tooth grinder.  It’s actually very uncool.  Bruxism causes an abnormal wear on my teeth, and sometimes it wakes Megan up.  What causes it?  There are a number of possibilities such as suppressed anger or frustration, an aggressive, competitive, or hyperactive personality type, and anxiety, stress or tension, but this does not describe me!  I have to have eight teeth filled and purchase a mouth guard that my teeth will probably chomp through.  That’s cool.  Maybe I won’t eat the mouthpiece ’cause it will be so uncomfortable that I won’t wear it.  I’ve tried a mouth guard before, and I couldn’t fall asleep with it in.  I don’t think we’re supposed to have foreign objects in our mouth when we sleep.  Maybe this $144 mouth guard will be better than the 99 cent one I bought at Play It Again Sports.  Fortunately going to the dentist is much cheaper in China than in the States, but it still burns a hole in my wallet.  Due to the condition of my teeth, I have cut back on a lot of Coke and sugar, but I will need to step it up more.  The dentist also mentioned that fruit juices contain a high level of acid that wrecks havoc on my pearly whites.  Oh well.  At least I can still drink my weasel coffee.


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