Unexpected News

Yesterday Megan and I received some disappointing news about the adoption process.  We were informed that we would not receive our referral until May or June.  Receiving a referral means we get a picture of our daughter and her whereabouts.  After sending in a letter that says somethin’ along the lines of, “That’s my child, and I can’t wait to show her mad love.” we wait for more paperwork that gives us permission to pick her up.  We would then train or fly to her orphanage within the month so she can join the Wickersham clan.  We thought Grace would be in our arms sometime in the winter or early spring, but now it looks like it will be late spring or early summer.  Your thoughts are appreciated as we prepare to be a mommy and daddy.  That really makes my heart pump.



One thought on “Unexpected News

  1. I will keep you and your wife in my thoughts as you continue to wait for Grace. That is a very hard and frustrating piece of news to hear it’s very suspenseful- but He is faithful! I hope as you continue to wait it out, you will have peace and patience, but most of all JOY! Hope all is well for you in your corner of the Middle Kingdom.


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