March Madness: The Road to Indianapolis

Yesterday I turned in my D1 Men’s Basketball tournament brackets for the local office pool.  Of course, no $ is involved, but some nice gift certificates to a neighborhood pizza joint/mini-market are to be awarded to the top three finishers.  Who is in my final four?  Duke, IU, Connecticut, and Ohio State.  Yes, that’s right.  I have IU beating Gonzaga, UCLA, and Memphis to create the ultimate in hoops hysteria.  What a great going away present that would be for Mike Davis.  Don’t forget that IU was ranked in the top ten earlier in the year and finished the year strong before losing a squeaker to the Buckeyes in the Big Ten tourney.  Mike has taken the Hoosiers to the championship before, and they’ll be hungry to play in front of their hometown fans.  I think Duke will meet Steve Alford’s Iowa squad in the elite eight before facing the crimson and white.  Who will win between Connecticut and Ohio State?  You know I’m going Big Ten with that.  Despite my allegiance to the Hoosiers and Big Ten squads, I predict that the Blue Devils will win the Big Dance.  Can J.J. be stopped?  Think my selections are way off?  Yes, I could fall flat on my face, but I did claim third prize last year.  Oh yeah – it’s true, it’s true!



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