Across the Atlantic…

What man set sail on a voyage around the world in 1519? Describe some of the difficulties he faced in his journey. What qualities do explorers need to be successful in their profession? Was this man successful? Be sure to answer ALL four questions to the best of your ability. The more complete you answer the questions, the more points you can possibly earn. May the Force be with you.


16 thoughts on “Across the Atlantic…

  1. ok- lol im not a 6th grader but im pretty sure its christopher columbus… and he faced whining and complaining from his crew- the doubt if he will succeed in finding a new route to india. not to mention natural stuff like rough seas and high winds. qualities- a good, quick mind and having the ability to keep your cool and crew 2gether… successful- yes, to me that is- its your own opinion…
    6th graders- DONT copy off my answer! 🙂


  2. haha ok AROUND the world
    this is too easy lol- its *drum roll*… F__d___d M__al__n… haha 6th graders go fill in the blanks 🙂 i’ll give you a hint: he himself never made it around the world- his crew did, so technically he did- he died at the Philippines (so, yes, he was "successful" in his journey)
    too bad i wont get any EC points… dang we hv to post on mr. hoffman’s blog for hw points not ec…
    ill probably put the answer here if mr wick doesnt tell you soon… i wont tell ethel i promise! (why would i?)


  3. The answer is Ferdinard Magellan. He had lots of problems. He started with 5ships but there were diseases , bad weather, loss of ships and he was attacked by the Portugese. The explorers need to be ready and make sure everything is perfect then start the voyage. Magellan at the end died from this voyage . TOT


  4. I am tommy, the answer is Ferdinand Magellan, he traveled around the world. Some difficulties were that he needed to avoid the portugese, he died before the voyage ended. He was stuck in the Battle of Muctan. His crew finished the voyage for him.  Explorers need to have the courage to do the journey and be strong whenver possible, they also need to have good crew that don’t cheat their leader. He was successful because his name was left in history.
                                    |              |
                                    |              |
                                   –                –
                                     –            –


  5. the answer is our dear friend,Fred. He is otherwise known as Ferdinand Magellan. Some difficulties were that one, its not like he has endless food and fresh water supplies, so he had to  stop at ports, two, he probably faced some pressure from his crew*, and lastly he faced the problems of stormy weather(monsoon) ship up keep and being a captain. Since he was a captain, he had a lot of decisions to make, like when to put people on rations, what to do if there were ship repairs to make, or if someone needed to be disciplined. One important thing to mention is that he himself didn’t make it all the way around the world. They got into the middle of a phillipeno civil war by accident and he was killed.His crew made it the rest of the way without him. It would be  ideal  for the captain to think about his crew first, before himself. It would also be good if he was intelligent, and knew what he was doing. He would need to also be a good leader, or he wouldn’t be able to keep control of his crew.As I mentioned earlier,technically he didn’t make it, his crew did. But in a sense he did, because it was his goal, and he arranged it. So yes, I think he accomplished his goal.
    Note: The strait of Magellan was named after him because he discovered and used it for his own convenience. Genius!
    i cant wait for some b-b-b-b-b-b-bonus points!!
    *are we there yet?!!


  6.  The man is Ferdinand Magellan, he wanted to sail around the world, but it wasn’t successful,he was killed in a battle in the Philippines around April 1521. His crew that survived did sail around the world. Some of the difficulties he and his crew  faced were lack of food and had to eat dust from wood and leather from their gear to live. Other things he might have faced were pirates on the ocean that tried to rob them, storms, animals such as sharks could have attacked them for food, and maybe sometimes the crew were stubborn and refused to listen to him. Qualities that explorers need are to be strong when there’s a crisis, to be brave and take charge, and likes to be adventurous. One other thing is that they need to know how to sail a ship and know survival skills to help everyone survive.
    Question: Mr. Wick how will u tell us what extra points we get?


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  8. The ans. is Ferdinand Magellan. He was born in 1480. Wanted to see the world and find out what there was to explore. On September 20, 1519 he stared on his journey to Moluccas from the west. the difficulties he faced were disease and complication,lost of ships,bad weather,and many others. He was killed during the mactan expedition. His crew or fleet finished the journey. One should have desire,courage and tolerant to take on this type of journey. My opinion is no, as he did not finished the journey himself.
    p.s. pls pardon my spelling though


  9. uh uh..
    testing 1 2 3
    when I searched google it said it is Ferdinard Magellan I think it is true. He had to face bad weather and he was attacked by portugese. I think they needed to be reinforced on their battle skills. I think he was succesful in some way because he became famous and we know what he did. But I also think that he is not succesful too because he died during his journey and did not finish it himself 


  10. i did not copy off from any one else’s because I really searched in google!
                           HAPPY WEEKEND!!


  11. 1. i think the answer is Ferdinand Magellan
    2.Well his jurney had ran out all the food , he mat a bad weather but most important thing is he was killed by the ports in the battle in the philliphins
    3.I think experts need alot of courage, hope and ready for anytime that will brock them also they need to follow their leaders.
    4.I have same openion with andy. I think he had succese but in the same time I don’t think so.
    He was succesed because he became famouse and as Tommy said he was passed in the history also he discovered the more countrys to the europian and if he did’n did that then there will be no a lot of goods between asia and Europe.
    He wasen’t succed because as Valerie said he wasn’t sfinished his jurney and he was mistake to take there ships to the ports also he didn’t prepare enough food and he didn’t made the goal for himself.
      May be Ferdinand Magellan wasn’t so suceeseful or sucessful but i think the important thing is he had courage to do so and he naver gived up.
    There is one minutes left until Monday).
    Bye Mr.wick


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