Some Scary Road Statistics

Here are some scary stats that I recently read.  15,000 new drivers hit the roads of China every day.  With that comes accidents.  Last year almost 100,000 people were killed in traffic accidents and another 470,000 were injured.  China’s 450,000 road accidents put them #1 in the world for traffic accidents and fatalities.  The death rate from automobiles in China per automobile is more than ten times what it is in most developed countries.  Wow, now that is scary.  I can NOT dig that.


2 thoughts on “Some Scary Road Statistics

  1. That’s freaky! (i’m so scared now…i don’t want to ride in a taxi any more…) Hey, did you hear about those new taxes that China just put on wooden chopstick and floorboards, alcohol and cars?! it’s supposed to help protect trees and the environment and all that. hopefully it will discourage people from buying so many new cars and stuff, although i sort of doubt it. we shall see. in the meantime, i think i’ll start walking everywhere. lol.


  2. Whoa, I can’t dig that either….. This past weekend I went to NanChong and we saw accidents left and right (at least 4 on the way there) and no telling how many close calls we almost had of getting into our own wrecks…. Seriously, it is scary and I don’t even like to cross the streets sometimes.  I think they need to be more thorough in their Driver’s Education programs for sure….. That thought just boggles my mind….
    Hope you stay safe in your part of the Mainland.


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