Have you finished grading my test yet?

     Because I’m such a… nice guy, I stayed after school for more than one hour to grade your tests.  The vocabulary and people identification of the Unit 4 exams have all been graded.  If you answered either the Aztec or Swahili essay, your entire test has been graded.  Only the feudalism and Asia landmark essays need to be graded now.  When will I do this?  Not this weekend.  Oh yeah – it’s true, it’s true!  Sorry for those of you who answered those questions.  I will tackle them on Moonday.  Tally-ho!
     March 20th update:  All the Asia landmark essays have been graded.  Nine tests to go.  

3 thoughts on “Have you finished grading my test yet?

  1. haha- totally remember every1 asking you that question always… and lol i’d hv to say that was preeetty fast… man, one time in 6th grade it was what, four months?! lol
    i also see that the current events requirement has changed… man i was kinda wishing i was back in mr wicks class for the current event… one sent ea on summary and opinion… muhahahha now the 6th graders also get to suffer… and tommy- its not too much! =) trust me…

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