A Difficult Land

Who are the aborigines?  What impact did European settlers have on the aboriginal way of life?  What challenges do aborigines continue to face today?  Remember to answer all three questions completely.

Aborigines Arrive In Canberra For Apology To The Stolen Generations

5 thoughts on “A Difficult Land

  1. The aborigines were Australia’s first inhabitants or the earliest people that lived in Australia. When European settlers came they didn’t treat the aborigines very well. The aborigines were forced off their lands, fights  would always occur,the europeans settlers would shoot guns and them and many people would die. The european settlers took charge of their lands and the aborigines weren’t allowed to move around freely. The european settlers would also destory their traditional food sources. The aborigines believed in Dreamtime and it was important to them, but the europeans was not interested at all and when the europeans fully took charge of their land the aborigines had to become beggars and follow new rules and a new lifestyle.Today the aborigines still have to protect their land and let the australian government recognize them.
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  2. -steffen-
    1.The aborigines are Australias indigenous(original) inhabitants. They are believed to have migrated from Asia around 30,000 years ago. In their culture they believe in the "dreamtime",where the spirits of their ancestors rise from the earth and become part of the enviroment.This is an important part of their culture, as well as the aboriginal instrument, the (looking for spelling) didgeridoo.
    2.When the aborigines where forced out of their land by the european settlers, it could only mean that they would be abused and mistreated from then on. Not only did the white settlers bring in many new ideas, people, and rules, but they also brought disease, which completely wiped out some of the tribes. By the 1880’s, most of the aborigines had been forced to leave their dwindling homeland territory, and join cities or suburbs. The settlers cut down the trees so that they could build. This made it impossible for the aborigines to freely move through territory that should have been theirs. If the aborigines fought back, they were shot down by the settlers. Starting in Sydney, there was rapid colinization which quickly spread through most of Australia.The saddest thing was that the settlers considered the aborigines to be a nuisance. They didn’t at all consider the effects that their actions were having.Many of them were put on "reserves" and were "managed" by white people who forced them to stop passing on their oral tradition. 
    3.Today aborigines face the problems of unequal wages,  few rights,and hardly any land. Through all this though, there have been improvements.In 1976 there was the Aboriginal Land Rights act, which greatly increased their amount of freedom they had. In the 1990’s, they also had many improvements.
    4.EXTRA FACTS:Australia was used as a "prison continent" for european criminals.
    aborigines make up 2% of Australias population.

                                          i cant help it .

  4. The aborigines are the original Australians who probably came from somewhere in Asia a long time ago, they live by hunting and gathering. They had their own system of marriage and where they live. When the British came over to Australia, they brought the diseases that hurt and killed the people of Australia. They also made the system of their life and government bad. They British also abused them because they were a differnt kind of people other than what they have seen before. The children were taken away from their parents to help them learn the "correct" ways of life that the british were used to. Then, a lot of aborigines died and not a lot of them were still there. The Australian government are treating them better but the government are still not treating them as good as the normal Australians that live there. The Australian government have apologized for their past doing bad towards the aborigines.

  5. 1. The aborigines are native people of Australia who probably came from somewhere in Asia more than 40,000 years ago. They lived by hunting and gathering, and there was a extensive intergroup trade through out the continent.
    2. When European settlers came, the aborigines initially led to economic marginalization, a loss of political autonomy, and death by disease. In 1880, there was a depopulation and extinction for some groups. In 1940, almost all the aborigines were missionized and assimilated in to rural and urban Australian society as low-paied laborers with limited rights; many aborigine children were taken from their natural parents and given to foster parents to promote assimilation.
    3. Today the aborigines have just a few rights and they don’t have a lot of land. They also don’t get as much as money from their work as normal people. They are not treated equally from the Australians.

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