The Industrial Revolution

What was the Industrial Revolution?  Picture yourselves (at the age you are now) working in a factory or mine during the Industrial Revolution.  Write a letter home describing your life.

Industrial Revolution 1

6 thoughts on “The Industrial Revolution

  1. Well, Mr. Wick seeing that no one answered this it seems nobody knows about it. I think I remember but since I am not in your class I don’t think I will answer it. Try to find me tomorrow, if you can that is. One hint is that I am a 7th grader and stayed here quite long and that I am not in your house. You might want to ask someone to help you. See you!


  2. The Industrial Revolution is a period of time when technology was developed mainly in Great Britain, then in Russia and Japan. They made machines, tools, transportations, and other products.
    Dear Mom,
    How are you? I’m so dirty, tired, and smelly. I keep on worrying will the factory burn up, will one of the machines break and will I die. Everyday we work from 5 in the morning and till 8 at night. We are all so sleepy and the food we get is very little and tasteless. Today my friend, Amy was moved to work in a mine. I am concerned about her and I pray that she will be safe. I so envy the rich children that can go to school and study, but I understand why you and father had me work here. There is good news too, today a new worker came he is 6 years old. We are keeping him real safe, because he is so young and new. Some of the workers have a severe cough, because of the smoke and pollution this factory and other factories near by and porducing. We are trying to make mouth pieces so the workers that are fine won’t sick. Tell everyone at home that I said hi and I hope that everyone is all healthy. Waiting for your reply.


  3. The Industrial Revolution was a time where a lot of factories were built and more machines were used for more efficient work. At that time, a lot of people were put to work no matter their age and gender. There was major change in the places because before the Industrial Revolution, a lot of things were made one by one. Now, a lot of things were made by machines. It also brought a lot of pollution to the air in the places.
    Dear Mom and Dad,
           Hello, I hope all of you are ok. I feel miserable here, the food is horrible, the people that take charge of putting us to work are terrible! He just sits out there smoking and shouting insults at us when we work. I hope he can come work and we stay out there relaxing. Then he will know how miserable we are feeling now. Little Timmy just died last week because he fell into the machine that mixes the vegitables for food while he was trying to get his shoe out of it. Shoes are so expensive! He is very lucky to die and not live to work for a longer time to have nothing earned and starve to death. I am finally getting payed next week. I can finally get the taste of real food. They feed us with leftovers of the pigs! Its horrible! I can’t believe that it is actually possible for pigs to have leftovers. I still remember the first time where the boss came over and said"all of you are worthless, thats why you are here, so work until you die! HAHAHA" I dont feel like living anymore… So~ maybe this is the las time you will ever hear from me… Sorry…


  4. The industrail Revolution is the time where many factories were built and many technology used.
    Dear Greeneyes the cat
    How are you? How are my family? My life is hard as I get little wages for working day and night with little food and rest.A guy named Luke got fired for complaining.And another guy ,Luther,left because he crushed his arm when he try to prevent a slip and put his arm in the printing press. Over here is a horrid,the condition here is not good at all.I once found a dead cockroach in my stew and a scropion  under my bunker.Please get e out of here. Please pray for me and the guy Luther.Wish everybody well for me. Shh….I have to go, I think I hear the boss coming.


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