Get Your Kicks

     This Saturday, April Fool’s Day, TIS will be hosting the first annual ISC soccer tournament for all middle school and high school students.  In addition to TIS, QMIS and SYIS will be participating in this 7 vs. 7 format.  New games will be played every 30 minutes.  Middle school games will be at the #43 Middle School from 8:30 to 11:30AM.  The high school morning games will be at the Tianjin Zhongxue Field.  The playoffs will be held at the Tianjin Zhongxue Field from 2 to 4:30PM.
     There will be two TIS girls teams in the middle school division.  Team G consists of Susie Choi, Abigail Per-Lee, Gloria Shin, Linda Moon, Heidi Gay, Hannah Cho, Jenny Seong, San Kim, and Ethel Gay.  Mr. Per-Lee and Ms. Von will coach this squad.  Team H consists of Maris Baylor, Grace Park, Do Hi Lim, Sun Young (Jennifer) Jung, Da Young Ghu, Shannon Kao, Cindy Song, Christina Choi, and Hanneke Schreur.  Yours truly will guide Team H.  As far as the guys and high school players are concerned, contact Mr. Workman.  Let the games begin!
     See pictures and results of the middle school girls division at

3 thoughts on “Get Your Kicks

  1. hey!
    SO COOL! im excited bout soccer. so there will be 3 girls teams? us and qing dao?  well,,, ya im excited!

  2. who are you coaching… a or b? w00t… go eagles btw!!!! w00t w00t!!! EAGLES ALL THE WAY! (sry, 6 yrs here kinda makes you vERy loyal… haha)

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