Special Guests Are Coming

This afternoon Megan’s parents arrive in Beijing, and they will be visiting us for 2 1/2 weeks.  This will be their third trip to the Middle Kingdom, but first to Tianjin.  Their last trip to China was during SARS in 2003 so I’m sure this trip will have a quite a different flavor.  Megan and I are pumped about their visit and look forward to showing them around what we call home.  During the May Day Holiday, we all plan to fly down to beautiful Yangshuo.  Megan went to Yangshuo several years ago, but I’ve never been to southern China so I really look forward to that break.  This might be my last blog for some time, but I will post up new pictures within several weeks.  Tally-ho!


The Ladies Have Been Dethroned

The ladies reign as Jeopardy champs is over.  It all came down to the last question – Who was the U.S. Commander-in-Chief during World War II?  The answer:  Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Although both groups of ladies answered the question correctly, and only one of the group of guys answered the final question with FDR, the ladies simply didn’t wager enough points.  It was a heart-breaking defeat.  One new element to Mr. Wick’s Jeopardy is the Bean Bag Toss.  Students can risk the points they earned in the round by tossing a bean bag for 20, 50 or 100 extra points.  No group was able to land their bean bag in the 100 point slot, but many groups did lose points in an attempt to earn bbbbonus points.  How sad.


Build Those Forearms

On Wednesday (April 26th) you will have an examination on chapters 16 through 18.  This covers European Expansion, Revolutions That Change the World, and A World at War.  Like previous exams, you will define ten of twenty terms, identify ten of twenty people, and answer one of three essays.  What a kind guy I am to give my students choices.


NBA Playoffs

It has not been the season I was hoping for the Pacers, but it certainly could be a whole lot worse.  Yes, they were legit title contenders at the start of the season, but injuries and a lack of team chemistry threw us way off course.  Just a week ago it looked like my blue and gold weren’t even going to be headed for the postseason, but we were able to finish strong.  Now we’re looking like a dangerous sixth seed having won five of our last six games and face a team that we beat two out of three games this year – the Atlantic Division champion New Jersey Nets.  Could this be the year Coach Carlisle brings home a championship ring?  Highly unlikely, but I can dream.


Yahoo! It’s a Celebration.

The TIS Carnival will take place on April 29th (Saturday) from 10:30AM to 2PM.  There will be cool things to purchase, neat arts and crafts to check out, lots of fun games to play, and a huge birthday cake to celebrate our 20th Anniversary.  Everyone who comes will receive lunch and a t-shirt free of charge.  This event is open to the public so come to the school if you want to be cool.

TIS 20th Anniversary Celebration 1986-2006