2006 ISC Soccer Tournament

Yesterday I got the opportunity to coach a number of my current and former students in the first annual International Schools of China soccer tournament.  My nine-player squad of middle school girls comprised of seven players who did not play on the soccer team this past fall.  It certainly showed in game one.  We lost six to nothing against the other TIS team.  In our second game, my girls showed a great deal of improvement.  We ended up tying the Qingdao squad 0-0 in what was the longest game of the tournament.  Little Hanneke nearly scored the game winner, but her shot hit the post.  We played the Dolphins again in the next game, and this time we were victorious.  Grace found the back of the net from a free kick to help give us the W.  We ended up losing the championship match 4-0 against the first team we played, but my girls did their best, and that is all I can ask for.  Maris and Do Hee sometimes shared goalkeeping duties despite the fact that they preferred playing on the field.  Shannon did a good job marking the top player like I asked her to.  Christina also made a number of great defensive stops.  Cindy had a mean header that caught me by surprise.  Sun Young put herself in a good position to score a few times.  Da Young looked like a completely different player after her first game.  We had a lot of fun, and I’m glad I got to put on my coaching hat again.

My middle school squad.

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