World War I (1914-1918)

Picture yourself as the editor of an American newspaper in April 1917.  Write an editorial in which you urge that the U.S. either enter or stay out of the war raging in Europe.


8 thoughts on “World War I (1914-1918)

  1.  ★、Good morning people─!!
    Does everyone think that today is a great day?
    I wish you don’t─¨’cause now in April 1917 isn’t that happy, right?
     This is my suggestion what do you think if we just don’t care of the Europeans? Because it’s none of our business─!!
     And we don’t want to be hurt of killed, right? So let’s just watch them!!


  2. question:
    Is this like how we write as a editor???? Or doesit look like that we have to write like in the newspaper or magazines or advertistment.???????????


    Now, US is in a confusion. Should we enter or stay out of the war? The war is an awful thing. We kill and do bad things. If we don’t want to be written as a cruel country in April 1917, we should get out!! We may help, but no entering!


  4.                                 USA
    I think we should go and enter the war. We have enough supplies and the strength. We know that a war is bad and bad things happen, and we know that the countries starting it are wrong. If we go in or help we might be able to stop the war. Even though they are on a different continent and they are Europeans, it hurts to see these countries getting hurt and fighting each other. So lets enter the war and we can help to stop it! If we do stop it, our country would feel great, wouldn’t it?Think about it everyone, should we enter or not?


  5. War? I said help but leave it  alone or even talk some sense into them. Now some of you will say, we will fill great or proud if we fight this war.Now I will tell you that we  will fill neither great nor proud.Why, you may ask. The answer is very very simple, who is fighting the war? We are, and who is fighting the war when the goverment is giving commands? We are. Now I don’t want to be assuming or rude. But think on how many blood shed there will be and how those who survive, will be haunted by what they seen or do for the rest of there life. Do you think they will be proud or great? The answer is no. If you are in this war ,you saw your friend stepped on a land mine ,and the land mine exploded,he flew away and his legs become a dangling peice of meat and metals from the land mine sticking out of of his fleash and he is wheezing. His life is ticking away slowly and there is nothing you can do to save the poor man’s life. How can you feel great after seeing this. You may feel disgusted and even not believing it. But I tell you my friend, that this is true. Can you ever feel the same after seeing this or can you feel proud? I tell you ernestly that you will never ever forget that face for the rest of your life. So my advice is that we stop this war or not joining it before it is too late to take back your decision. Your desision is yours and yours alone. May it be lighted with wisdom.


  6. STAY USA!
    USA! You should not go out for war because war is not good! War will not be good! People die and suffer! You can go and ask any NORMAL citizen in any place if they like war! I bet 99.99% of the people will say that they don’t like it. There are people already almost dying and war will give them more pain and suffer. Peace is good! Isn’t everyone happy when everyone is smiling and saying good morning to people they meet? Is that not true? When people say hi to one another, they will feel glad that some one is caring about them by saying hi to them. You will feel fresh and ready for the new day when someone is saying hi to you. That is what would happen if there is no fighting. When people fight, like out in the streets, someone will get hurt. Even if one person wins, they would be hurt. A war is like a very, very, extremely scary, sad, and big fight. Even when one side wins, they would be hurt. So, stay USA, dont fight!


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