For Your Viewing Pleasure

Yesterday I did a very Japanese thing and put a Windows Media Player on this site.  Domo arigato Mr. Roboto.  Today I figured out how to put some video on it.  This video which was shot in the fall of 2003 doesn’t have any sound because the digital camera that was used didn’t have that capability.  Bum deal.  Despite the lack of audio, hopefully, you still enjoy watchin’ me layin’ the smackethdowneth on my students.  In the future, I will link some video on this site that will not only have sound but our daughter Grace.  Now, won’t that be cool?!?  Gonna be a daddy.

You might also notice in the Meet the Wickershams section that I put a new link to some wedding footage and pics.  Technology is amazing.




One thought on “For Your Viewing Pleasure

  1. Hey Mr. Wick, i tried to view the video you put on but it won’t work…it said something about an error with the codecs or something…i don’t know what to do! 😦 is there something i can change to view it, or is it my computer’s fault, and therefor hopeless?! If you know what to do, could you please tell me?! thanks a ton-


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