A Divided City

Suppose you are a journalist in Berlin at the end of World War II.  Write an article describing the changes taking place in the city.  Descriptions should include the division into zones and the different occupying force in each zone.


3 thoughts on “A Divided City

  1. We are now divided into the East Germany!
    Berlin is now divided into the East Germany by the Berlin Wall. We are also divided into four zones! Each "victorious" nation controlls one sector of Berlin. Now, Russia is taking what they need and trying to make us poor as possible! They are trying to prevent us from attacking them again. Maybe they are afraid that we will attack them. The sector that Russians are controlling and the sectors the allies are controling have a big big difference! The part that Russians control is much more poor than the places that allies control! Stalin is now trying to move out the allies. The allies are helpers you know! The allies should stand firm and do not stop to help us!

  2. Hi I am a journalist in Berlin.
             Here in Berlin after the world war II is very quite. It is a miracle that the city of  Berlin didn’t got destoryed after the war.
             The city of Berlin got divided in to zones.
    They are West Germany and the East Germany.

  3. It’s the end of World War II and Germany has been split into East Germany and West Germany. The capital city, Berlin has also been split into East and West.The East German police has built a wall called the Berlin Wall to divide East and West Berlin. The Soviet Union is in-control of East Germany so they are a communist country, and West Germany is free, democratic country. Germany and Berlin was divided into 4 zones. This is how Germany was split, one zone was controlled by the Americans, the second zone was controlled by the British. The third was controlled by the Russians (Soviet Union), and the fourth zone was controlled by the French. Berlin was also split into 4 zones, but Berlin was entirely in the Russian (Soviet Union) zone. The 4 zones of Berlin were the American sector, British sector, Soviet Union sector, and French sector. There are so many changes!

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