From time to time Megan and I like to dust off the old Scrabble board and have a war of words.  These things can get real ugly.  Not really ugly.  Real ugly.  A few nights ago Megan once again took it to me.  We’ve played almost ten games since getting married, and I’ve only beaten her three times.  What up wit dat?   My style tends to be a lot slower than Megan’s, and that seems to drive her a little bonkers.  Cool.  All part of my tactics.  Near the end of the game Megan has the habit of throwing down words at a quicker pace, and this is when I need to take advantage of her desire to end the game quickly.  This is when I need to stop being nice and start getting real.  We’re not talking about any game here.  This is Scrabble.  Well, that’s enough about my sad Scrabble playing abilities.  I think I’m getting a little too serious about a board game.  I’m going to read a dictionary now.  A-D-I-O-S.


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