Independence in Africa

Picture yourself as orators for African nationalism.  Write a brief speech urging your listeners to seek independence from colonial rule.


3 thoughts on “Independence in Africa

  1. People, people
    We need to be independent countries, not colonies anymore. We can set up our own government and trade goods with the countries we want to trade with. Some of us don’t like the way Britain, French and other European countries rule us, but if we were an independent country we can change the disagreements. Make things the way everybody likes and are comfortable with. Everyone one of us can feel free, no countries ruling us. Everyone fight for independence. So seek for independence! Be independent countries.
    Thank you for listening!

  2. Everyone!
    Let’s fight for independence!
    We have been colonized by the other countries for too long!
    We need to have freedom and get back our land. To do that, we need to fight for independence!
    We can make our own government and have freedom.
    If you are agreeing with me now, you shoul start to seek for independence!
    We need to have independence and our own government!

  3. People! There are a lot of Europeans in Africa. Why do you think that is happening? Are the people happy when they are being ordered around by rich Europeans? I don’t think so~ Why would they have throwing up faces when the Europeans ask them to do things? Would they like being bossed around by people that are’t even native to their own country? No! Would you like being told to go bring food for a person from a country that you are not from, just because they are rich. Africa is being colonized and they don’t like it!  They want independence! They aren’t happy being bossed around by foreigners that are here just because of riches.
    Independence would be liked in Africa.

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