South Africa Divided

You want to convince a friend in South Africa to work to end apartheid.  Write a letter to your friend presenting your case.  Be sure to include the laws of apartheid, living under apartheid both as a black man and as a white man, and the economic and political effects of apartheid.


2 thoughts on “South Africa Divided

  1. Dear. Da Ham
    I am in SOuth Africa I am working here and life here is very hard I don’t want to be separated. We have to be separated from Whites. I don’t like being compared with Whites. I get teased because i have darker skin color. ㅠ.ㅠ


  2. Dear Wirehair,
     how are you? Who ever heard of a whiteman getting paid twice.They get better paid jobs than us. For example, i went to an interviewed yesterday to be a manager. But guess what, I was mocked at when I went to the office. And my papers were throw into the bin right in my face when I stepped into the interview room, and was ushered out of the building. Rudeness I said. I have to go now,chio.


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