May Day Holiday

At the start of every May, we have a break from work for several days.  Last year during our May Day Holiday Megan and I went to Kyoto, Japan to visit my relatives.  My mother was able to fly out of Indy to make that trip.  This year Megan, her parents, and I flew down to Guangxi Autonomous Region in southern China.  After landing in Guilin we took a taxi to Yangshuo where we were able to leisurely explore the gorgeous scenery by bike and boat – winding rivers amidst limestone pinnacles, stone houses along cobbled streets, and rows and rows of terraced rice fields.  When we weren’t admiring being out in the sticks, we were either souvenir shopping or eating at one of the host of Western-style cafes.  I ordered rat on my last night in Yangshuo, but to my disappointment, none was available.  Another day.  The cooks were able to prepare me a mixed fruit pizza though, and our vacation started off with me chomping on some nasty starfish in Beijing.  Living in China is great.

A view from our hotel balcony.

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