A New Job

This upcoming week I will serve in a new position at TIS – physical education instructor.  I actually wanted to be a PE teacher at one time, but my counselor at Purdue told me it would be extremely challenging to find a job in this field.  Look at me now.  I’ll have all the students from junior kindergarten through the 5th grade.  Yes, can you imagine yours truly runnin’ around with the mini people?!  Me playing duck, duck, goose with the JK students, ultimate frisbee with lower elementary students, and soccer with upper elementary students.  It’s going to be quite the adventure.  Although the students will know that I’m their teacher, I think I’ll be the one learning a lot.  Where are my middle schoolers and all the physical education instructors?  The 6th graders are heading north to Liaoning Province this weekend and won’t be back until the following week.  The pe teachers are also in other parts of China as part of spring trips.  Spring trips are designed to give our students an experience in another part of China and help them to serve in new capacities.  I was granted permission to stay in Tianjin because Megan and I thought we would have Grace by now.  We are still waiting for the referral, but we’ve been told we will receive it this month or next.  We would then pick Grace up within a month or so.  Going to be a daddy soon.  Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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