Teaching Mini People

This week has been a most eventful week of work.  Teaching elementary students is not quite like teaching middle schoolers.  Additionally, teaching physical education is rather different from teaching world history and the Good Book.  There has been a great deal more crying than I’m used to.  These mini people cry for all kinds of reasons – accidentally scoring a header against your own squad, having the ball lightly skim your head, feeling responsible for the loss when you fail to prevent a goal from being scored.  I’m not always Mr. Sensitive when it comes to athletic endeavors, but fortunately, I haven’t been telling my students to toughen up when the tears have been rolling down their faces.  The little tots are also a lot more affectionate than what I’m accustomed to.  The youngest students might run up to you and start holding your hand as you begin warming up with them.  Uh, what’s this?  I wasn’t ready for the hand holding, but it has been very cool.  These guys are also a lot easier to entertain.  I have a # of voices and crazy antics I use to entertain my troops, and these guys never get tired of them.  They’re always laughing at my same silly jokes.  It has been a draining week, but I’ve certainly had some fun.  I’m thankful that I’m in such a stimulating environment where I can contribute.


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