Summer is Almost Here

It’s the last week of school, and it has been a most excellent school year.  In fact, it has been the most enjoyable year of my life.  I have a job that absolutely rocks, a community of friends where some actually like me, a beautiful and intelligent wife that points me in His direction, and soon I’ll be joining the daddy ranks.  Next month as we prepare for Grace’s arrival, I’ll be attending Chinese classes Monday through Friday for two hours a day.  It appears in two or three weeks that I’ll have to miss some classes when we fly down to Wuhan in Hubei Province.  Other summer plans include lots of reading and pumping some iron from time to time.  We have two weeks in July where we are permitted to go to Indiana, but we are uncertain how that will all work out since we will soon be a family of three.  We hope Grace will attach to us quickly, and we are thankful for His perfect timing in all of this.  Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Enjoying a great meal at a local restaurant.

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