Gotcha Week

It’s nearly midnight, and my wife and daughter are sound asleep.  Normally I zonk out before Megan, but my mind is thinkin’ a million things.  It has been quite a life-changing week.  You see I officially became a daddy on Monday.  When we return home to Tianjin on Saturday our second bedroom will no longer be a place of total quietness.  I now have a nine-month-old girl who likes to shake her head when filled with joy, clapping her hands to the sounds of music, and laugh with excitement when dada plays peek-a-boo.  The past 3 1/2 days we’ve been absolutely thrilled to see Grace’s personality get livelier and livelier.  We weren’t sure what to expect, but we’re pumped to see Grace attaching to us so quickly.  On day one Grace didn’t want me holding her, but now she is all about hangin’ with poppa.  With almost two months before I have to return to work, Megan and I are extremely thankful that Grace and I will have lots of time to hang out.  His timing is always perfect.  I’m blown away that our Father would allow me to be a father.  He has done great things for us, and we are glad.  He is GRACIOUS in all his works.  Xiexie Shangdi.

Mommy and Grace relaxing on the train.

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