In case you live on another planet, the biggest sporting event in the world is taking place right now in Germany.  No, I’m not talking about the Olympics.  That was two years ago in Greece.  I’m talking about the FIFA World Cup.  Most know that soccer is something I enjoy tremendously, so I often get asked if I’ve been watching any of the World Cup games.  To the surprise of many, I’ve observed only small portions of a few games.  I’ve been keeping up a little through the wonderful world wide web.  With my new role as a father, soccer must take a backseat.  Fatherhood certainly does have its perks though.  Grace does a great job filling up the Pampers just after they’ve been changed.  No big deal.  We have hundreds.  Hearing dada from time to time is super cool even though she might not know what she’s saying (Let me believe).  She enjoys smearing egg yolk all over her face which cracks us up.  I should try it some time.  I think Grace would enjoy the bonding.  When I come home from Chinese lessons now there are always two smiles waiting for me that I can count on.  After we’ve done some mild wrestling on the bed she might spit up in excitement.  Maybe in the future, she’ll be like dad and do snot rockets on the pitch.  Continuing to squeeze my face with her iron grip despite my yelp of pain seems to be something she likes.  We have a tough one here.  I won’t be surprised if she drives on the old man one day and dunks the ball in my face.  I’ll respect it.  Grace is also excellent at slobbering all over the furniture.  I was guilty of that in my younger days too.  With all these perks for me to enjoy, I don’t mind missing World Cup games at all.

Mom isn't big on naps, but Grace and I are all about them.

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