Fade it

Today I got the mop cut.  A couple months ago my Norelco hair trimmer busted (the second one to do so) so Megan has been unable to be my hair stylist.  I’ve been uninspired to venture out and have someone work on the hair.  It was time though.  It was the longest Megan has ever seen it.  This morning she called me a leprechaun ’cause the sides of my hair were flying out like wings.  That was cold.  The hair was attempting to become a mullet.  Business in the front.  Party in the back.  I went to a lady on the street who has cut my hair before, and I was able to communicate exactly what I wanted to be done.  She chopped lots off, and I’m likin’ the shorter do.  Getting your haircut on the street probably isn’t the most sanitary thing in the world, but you can’t beat a quarter.  Plus it’s fun to see all the barber supplies hangin’ on a tree.


End of the Spear

Now that we have Grace, we don’t turn on the tube a whole lot around here.  We’ve turned on the tv in Grace’s presence on a few occasions for short amounts of time only to find a once lively girl become a zombie.  I’m thinkin’ we’ll stick with stackable cups and big animal books.  She can wait to see what The Count says is the number of the day and how Barney gets funky on the dance floor.  Last night after Grace went to bed, Megan and I did get to watch a DVD I’ve been wanting to see some time – End of the Spear.  This movie is a true story (1956) about five young believers who are speared to death by the Waodani tribesman of the jungles of Ecuador.  Shortly after the deaths of these men, some of the family members of those men move into the Waodani tribe to teach them about our Father and the Truth of His Love and Forgiveness.


Our Beijing Excursion

Early Monday morning Grace, Megan, and I took the 1 hour+ train ride to Megan’s former stomping ground, Beijing.  Grace had a checkup at the hospital where we were extremely happy to learn we have a very healthy girl.  According to American growth charts, Grace is at the 50th percentile in height and head circumference and at the 25th-50th percentile in weight.  Grace is carrying 8.5 kg (not quite 19 pounds), but I was thinking she was heavier due to the massiveness of her thighs.  I was a bit surprised that her head size is average as well.  I thought her melon was of the larger variety, but maybe her lack of hair threw me a curveball.  After receiving the good news from Beijing United, the three of us hunkered down at Annie’s – an Italian eatery that can’t be found in our neck of the woods.  Grace was unable to eat any Italian, but she is all about the Heinz green pea paste.  Mmm.  Instead of heading back to Tianjin after lunch, we booked a room at the Novotel for a couple nights upon my suggestion that we do this to celebrate our two year anniversary.  A shout-out goes to Zhang Jian for saving me some major dead presidents.  What did we do during our stay in the capital city?  We ate great food from both the East and the West – Singapore/Malaysia, Japan, and good ol’ America.  We hung out with some old friends from Megan’s Beijing and Nanchang days.  We went to the 2nd biggest IKEA in the world where we looked at approximately 7,000 items we don’t need.  We did find some cool picture frames and a shelving unit that will go up in Grace’s ever-changing room.  We also went shopping in some other locations where mom purchased some new clothes as part of an early birthday gift.  Grace also found some highly fashionable pink shoes despite being totally asleep.  All in all, it was a most delightful three-day excursion.  Two thumbs up.  Way up.

Wangfujing - a popular place to shop or just take a stroll.