Regions and Culture

Write a letter to Azeez Narain in India.  Tell him about the culture and values of the community in which you live.  Also, tell him about some of the ways you think your life is similar to or different from his.


Themes of Geography

Using the five themes of geography, describe where you are from.  Complete answers will earn you two extra credit points.  Your answer needs to be posted by 8 AM Monday morning, August 28th.


Start Your Engines

This Thursday, August 17th, the 2006-2007 school year begins.  Are you ready?!  Are you pumped?!  Well if you’re not, what up wit dat?!  You are about to embark on a most exciting and eventful journey!!!  If you are a new student or in the sixth grade, you and your parents need to report to the 4th-floor cafeteria at 8 AM.  Returning students do not begin the school day until 11 so get your sleep.  At 11:30 new students and sixth graders will be able to hunker down on some good eats.  At noon everyone will go to the auditorium for an assembly.  From 1 to 3 all students will meet their brilliant teachers and go through a compressed schedule.  After going through the compressed schedule, there will be a beginning of the year party for new students.  Baby, baby!!!

6th grade