A Special Day

The past three weeks have been busy now that I’m back in the classroom, but life has been going extremely well for the Wickershams.  Today we celebrated a very special day that is worthy of me taking time out to write a blog – Grace’s first birthday.  Megan put up some fun b-day decorations in our home, made a delicious strawberry cake, brewed coffee for the moms and moi, and took lots of pics of a bunch of kids makin’ our home a whole lot livelier.  It’s fair to say Grace didn’t realize there was a party in her honor, but she enjoyed it nevertheless.  Grace hunkered down on her cupcake making quite the mess.  She was rather slow in unwrapping her gifts so some of her older neighborhood pals were able to assist in that process.  She not only enjoyed what she received but was noticeably happy with the wrapping as well.  Thanks to Sony we caught it all on video so we look forward to watching September 1st, 2006 many more times.

I like it when daddy buries me in the sand.

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