The Iceman of the Alps

Suppose you were able to interview the Iceman.  Write at least three questions you would ask him, and provide the answers you think he might give.


2 thoughts on “The Iceman of the Alps

  1. Hello, sir, this is Joseph Kim from 6th grade doing this.
    I would ask the iceman :
    1. What was your job was during that time?
    2. How old were you?
    3. Why were you crossing the alps?
    1. I was a doctor.
    2. I was 32 years old.
    3. I was crossing the Alps to get to a serious patient in my time.
    This is my bonus!


  2. I will ask these questions.
    1.What were you planning to do in Alps?
    2.What was your job?
    3.How did you die and why?
    He’ll answer like this…
    1.I was planning to hunt some meat in Alps for my family.
    2.My job was hunter. the best hunter in our village.
    3.I shot my head by arrow. I died because, unfortunately I went in to thier territory 


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