Can You Dig It?

Suppose that you are asked to bury three things that belong to you.  These objects should help some future historian learn about the way you lived.  Write a paragraph about what you would choose and why.


4 thoughts on “Can You Dig It?

  1.      I think I will bury my journal, album(picture), and books.l bury these stuff because my journal, they can read know what I did daily. Because my journal is not a question jounal but a day journal. Like I write my day. Also I will bury album(picture), because by the picture they will know what I wore. Also by the background they will notice some of the place that we went. And my books, they could know what kinds of books there was and what it looked like.


  2. Hi this is Tina.
    I signed in as a chinese so i don’t know how to write name.
    i will put my clothes, text books and a letter to the future people.
    I choose my clothes so that the future people can know what we wore this day. Also, I pupt my clothese because they can put it in the museum. I put text books because the future people can know what a six grader in this day. And also the kids in the future can compare their text books to mine.


  3. Hi I am Tom Cat in 6blue class
    I think I will bury a picture of my family, games that I like, and tools that we use today. I put picture because then they will know I looked like, I put games to because then they will know that this game is popular, and I put the tools so then they will know that the tools from long ago is different then this days. That is why I put this three stuffes.


  4. hi this is Christina
    I will probraly bury my personal planner, it would have my pictures, the date i wrote a entry, my pictures with my friends. The second thing i would bury is a now- a-days small furniture than the historians will know when the time i buryed the stuff. They can also see where it was made. The third thing i will bury is a popular movie that was made near the time the movie came out. Historians can easily see what was so popular around that time.


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