Ancient Egypt

Make a list of three things about ancient Egypt that you think mark it as an important civilization.  Explain each point in detail.


2 thoughts on “Ancient Egypt

  1. hi this is christina!
    1 there gods  (important)becaouse they worship the gods. They think there gods are all powerful. they prayto there gods. They could not live with there gods.
    2 there pharohs or other heros…..the people willl remeber there pharohs and heros that do good to them or there country.
    3 there famous bluidings like the prymids they bluilt.(important)Very important people are burried there.


  2. Hi this is Sophia
    1.Pyrmaid-I think Prymaid is important because we can learn about the important people.
    2.mummmies-When a Pharoh or the queen they first get they remove the heart and stuff then they rap he/she with the band or something
    3.Gods-they have many many god. The worship each one. They think having many god is a good thing


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