Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

Suppose you are a scribe in ancient Thebes.  Write a letter to the owner of a large farm.  Tell him or her what goods to send to your city.


4 thoughts on “Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

  1. hi this is christina!
    hi bob!
    I just wanted to say that since the weather is nice and cool the crops are fresh. We want to trade some of your goods. Some stuff we want are crops . I would like wheat,stalks,grain, barley,and all kinds of fruits.I also would want some wool from sheep. i would like u to bring in some dead fish that are fresh. PLease make me some board games out of wood and other kind of games. Please do this as fast as u can. Thank You!


  2. Hi~☆
       This is sophia
             Dear sara
          I’m a salewomen I want to buy your fresh crops, and some of your animals.
    Please send this thing by 9/30. GIVE ME THE BEST CROPS the money….. lets think about later…Thank you~~★
                                                                            Sincerly Sophia


  3. Maason
    Dear Mr. Hendwick
    Please send to the city 91 pounds of corn
    21 Stalks of sugarcane.
    Send the freshest ones or we will send soldiers to chop of your head.
    Have a nice day, Mr. Hendwick.
    P.S. your children have been spotted running around naked. Control your children.


  4. to farmer
     Hi! This is a great day isn’t it?
    Can you send me wheat?
    I have to make a big bread for my family but, I don’t have wheat. Send me wheat. I will give you 2golden coins for it.


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