Standout Students

Do you know who Konrad Spindler is?  Does the Taj Mahal mean anything to you?  What about explaining at least three ways in which culture influences a country?  Talk to Joseph & Tom, and they’ll be sure to help you out.  These two guys finished as the Chapter 1-2 Top Test Takers.

Can we say organized?  The following students kept all of their assignments this quarter and earned the 100 Point Bbbbonus:  Christina, Jason, Sophia, Tina & Tom

Future Cartographers?  I don’t know, but the Ancient Mesopotamia maps recently turned in by Jason, Joseph & Tina definitely have Fab Flava’.  What separated their maps from the rest?  Their maps are completely colored and done so in a bright fashion, all the places are spelled correctly and labeled where they should be, and one does not have difficulty reading the map.


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