Learning About Where We Live

This week we kick off the new quarter with a unit on Ancient China.  We’ll watch another video with our good friend Arizona Smith where we will be introduced to the cruel and ruthless ways of Qin Shihuangdi.  Dr. Overhead will also be coming out with a graphic organizer of a main idea diagram.  Before we can take a look at that transparency though, we’ll need to do some bookwork and play a game of Weakest Link.  Will the Archaeologists and Just be able to defend their championship?  The Sahara Penguins, the Black Hole, the  s, the Strongest Link, the Einsteins, the Alien Links, the Europeans, and Supernova will do all they can to stop them in their tracks.  Only time will tell who wins the second Weakest Link of the year.  May the force be with you.


8 thoughts on “Learning About Where We Live

  1. This is Maason.
    I willl never put my nationalitly as china again. My typing is alll in chinese and everything i see that mr wick put has managedd to be transalated in chinese. EUROPEANS WILL WIN AS THE WEAKEST LINK CHAMPS!!!!

  2. This is cool i have only been here once before and that was at the beggining of the year. It is much cooler now with all of the pictures and other things.Now it is Sweet from josh

  3. actualy to let you know The Einsteins will over power you weak links.
    We are the true champs i am your supereror.We will defeat you
    Mwhaaaa Mwhaaaa Mwhaaa Mwhaaaaa

  4. Im sorry Einstines and Alien links, YOU WILL BE DOMONATED!!!!! PREPARE TO MEET A STICKY END!!! I HAVE SET A TRAP OF GLUE!!!

  5.        You two are to primitive in your thinking you  must think out side of the box. that is what einstighn did he was a true genuis. as einstghn did so will we. By th way maason why are you so knoledgable of countrys

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